Shouldn’t Infographics Be Easy to Read?

By Juan-Carlos Duran January 26, 2014

Our ability to collect data continues to improve with each step technology takes. Infographics are making it easier for us to  interpret and present complex data in visual form.  But it’s important to remember how our fickle minds work. In a nutshell, we’re highly visual and easily distracted. Sometimes the purpose of an infographic is missed when large quantities of scientific data are summarized without fine tuning the editing process. It’s important to realize that in an infographic visual communication is key.  Although the information in each infographic below is important, take a look at how each was designed. Which one communicates its message succinctly? The first infographic has fantastic information but may be doing itself a disservice by packing in so much of it.  The second infographic takes  important data reduces it to manageable information and creates emotion with the illustration.



Where are the happiest school kids

You can find the original sources here:


2 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Infographics Be Easy to Read?

  1. The first one is complete information overload on top of a very hectic format. I literally had to sit and look at it for almost a minute before I began to understand what it was trying to communicate. The interesting thing is that in doing the background research it turns out that the creator is a pretty successful graphic artist. A picture can say a mission words, but it doesn’t always have to in order to get a point across.

    1. Hi Kent,

      I agree. In comparison, I would think the worldwide school information was also gathered from a lot of data but the final message seems edited for maximum impact and achieves a visual goal.

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